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Finance, Mobiik, Software development, UX

Banco W is a credit institution with its main place of business in Cali, Colombia. Its main interest is to facilitate access to credit for the micro and small business sector.

Banco W was faced with the fact that its clients can only learn more about financial products and manage the ones they already have through field operators or at the branch, which often have long waiting times.

We carried out an understanding exercise based on design thinking, with which we approached the users and the business to offer a technically viable solution that contemplated a reinforcement of the existing applications with new applications that covered other identified needs to provide a better service to the clients. The proposed application offered the client the ability to self-manage the origination, follow-up of the contracted credit products and the closing or renewal of the same.

Together, we developed a digital solution that made it easier for clients to self-manage the origination, disbursement and follow-up of contracted products.

Technologies used:
-Design Thinking
– Scrum
-User experience
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