Cemex is a global leader in the production and sale of cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and other building materials.


Seeking to be closer to its customers and with the commitment of optimizing its sales processes, CEMEX came to mobiik to meet their needs, and to solve the most critical points of interaction with the customer.


Mobiik carefully mapped CEMEX customers’ journeys to understand how they behaved with them. This work led to the creation of the CEMEX Go platform, a mobile application used by more than 35,000 customers in 21 countries who now use the tool to place their orders faster and more securely.


However, we didn’t stop there; In less than four months, mobiik created the Development Center portal, a SaaS application that connected processes between external users’ business systems, speeding up processes such as sales orders, invoicing and delivery, thus amplifying the productivity of everyone in CEMEX’s sales ecosystem.


Technologies used:
-API management
-Development . Net
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