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J manning is a brokerage firm specializing in healthcare insurance solutions for employee benefits brokers, financial services professionals and employer groups.


This Chicago brokerage firm wanted to revamp their Multi Carrier platform for insurance enrollment applications. We were selected to apply our quality assurance practices to the current portal and fix its bugs. Once this was done, they needed to build a self-service online enrollment platform for multiple carriers and products to take the employee from start to finish as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


The overall goal was to simplify the current workflow and presentation of the software into a well-structured and seamless experience. We achieved this through automated QA practices via the page object model and by sharing the GIT repository to avoid repetition of integrations and DevOps.


With our help, the company was able to reach its go-to-market goals ahead of schedule, with enough time to include new elements to the scope at their request and saving 50% in development costs compared to hiring an in-house team.


Technologies used:

– Angular Js
– Ansible
– Javascript
– Jenkins
– Nightwatch
– Node Js
– Ruby on Rails
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