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The Tax Administration Service (SAT) is the IRS mexican equivalent.


It was identified that there was a significant disaffection among taxpayers, companies and financial groups to file their taxes with the SAT as a result of the poor performance of existing applications and portals with a bad user experience for taxpayers.


mobiik achieved an unprecedented result in the institute’s history: Converting a complex tax filing procedure into a simple process through the implementation of DeclaraSat. A platform that has empowered taxpayers and SAT collaborators by making the system more efficient, providing them with strategic information in real time for better decision making.


This has resulted in historic growth in taxpayer registration, tax collection and tax refund growth levels of 11.4%, 27.2% and 48%, respectively.


Technologies used:
-Development in .NET (.NET Core, .NET frame work, SignalR, Web Api, Bot frameworK, ASP.NET)
-Development on Cloud Computing
-DevOps implementation.
-Implementation of best practices for testing (unit, integration, load and stress).
-Implementation of methodologies for agile projects (Scrum).
-Docker and Kubernetes


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